Friday, 4 June 2010

Why do the English love football?

With the World Cup just a week away many people here in England are taking leave of their senses - most notably in the last couple of days, as millions of people attempt to read Fabio Capello's mind by staring for hours at England's squad numbers.

That's in addition to the idiotic (loosely) World Cup-related products which companies are hawking at the moment. Check out this blog from the good people at Some People are on the Pitch for an analysis of just how stupid Mars, Gillette and others think we are.

But in fairness we English are pretty football mad. We are a country which can support 92 professional football league clubs on a population of 60 million - by comparison, Russia, with a population of 140 million, has under 40 professional clubs.

The reasons why football brings out the obsessive in an Englishman could fill books, but I've offered one reason over at TM Lewin's blog: check it out here.


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