Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Marco Boogers Moment

Hello all. The Cynical Challenge has been offline for some time now, so I thought it necessary to provide an update. I've recently moved house and have been without the internet for nearly four weeks. And, to paraphrase Blackadder, whoever heard of a blog without an internet connection?

This sudden and unexpected absence calls to mind the tale of footballer Marco Boogers. After signing for West Ham in the summer of 1995, Dutchman Boogers was sent off on just his second appearance for the Hammers. He then went AWOL for a number of days, during which time a story emerged (later found to be apocryphal) that Boogers had returned to Holland, depressed, to spend some time in his caravan. West Ham manager Harry Redknapp sold him just a year later. 

Boogers now works as a coach at Dutch Eerste Divisie side FC Dordrecht, where he works alongside another former Premier League player, ex-Newcastle United midfielder and the King of Commentary Innuendo Brian Pinas.

Rest assured though - The Cynical Challenge is not depressed, and is not living in a caravan. I'll be back with plenty more sporting comment as soon as somebody at a certain telecom company (any guesses which one?) pulls their finger out.

In the meantime, if you're in the UK at least, you can while away the hours enjoying the wall-to-wall coverage of the World Championship Snooker from Sheffield.


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