Thursday, 25 February 2010

A special/dubious treat

Football fans, members of my extended circle of friends, and illiterates rejoice - The Cynical Challenge has gone from the written word to the spoken one this week. The good people (Gary and Chris) at Two Footed Tackle gave me the opportunity to run amok in their studio for an hour, talking about, amongst other things, this weekend's Premier League fixtures, Champions League and Europa League matches, and why Russian football clubs have the worst names.

All of which you can find here. Listen to it on your way to work. Listen to it on your way home from work. Listen to it in the bath, though try and avoid electrocuting yourself. But most importantly of all, listen to it.


H. van Smeiter said...

I would have thought that an hour of radio would have merited at least two or three plugs of the Cynical Challenge. At least we can look forward to a defamation lawsuit from the Russian Premier League for your baseless inference of match-fixing.

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