Thursday, 10 December 2009

Handbags at Ten Paces

The first of The Cynical Challenge’s weekly features, Handbags at Ten Paces gives ordinary sports fans the chance to foam at the mouth about the big sporting stories of the week. This Friday:

The British Grand Prix is saved and will return to Silverstone from 2010

fantastic chance to watch quality sport close to home :D come on england, be proud and support our boys button and hamilton!

Hasn’t everyone forgotten about climate change? These cars have a carbon footprint the size of North Wales. F1 fans will be laughing on the other side of their face while they’re watching racing at Silverstone under 2 feet of ice-melt, surrounded by the carcasses of Polar bears. :(

wt a giant waist of taxpayers money :( ordinerry britains like me and my dorter britney wll SUFFER

Well said Swampman. Motorracing is a pointless waste of our Earth’s natural resources. Anyway nobody ever overtakes these days, it’s more entertaining watching traffic from a footbridge over the M1.

give f1 a break “tree-huggers” for once bernie ecclestone has done something for this country instead of running off to monaco with his 7ft wife

burnie ecclustun? wots it got to do wiv dr who?

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James Appell said...

i'd appreciate any 'constructive criticism' on handbags at ten paces, as i'm conscious that attempts at satire such as this can go horribly wrong. leave your comments or contact me at

Not A Textbook said...

Dear James,

I must say that I was not at all shocked and appelled (geddit?!?!) by your Handbags at 10 Paces feature.

Keep it up(py) (geddit?!?!)

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